We harvest by hand, it is essential and the basis of wine-making of great Burgundy red wines, made from Pinot Noir, the most noble and elegant grape variety.

The beginning of the harvest is indeed an important strategic decision. Sampling and analyses are run, we taste the grapes some weeks before the harvest, and we supervise the sanitary state of our vineyards, which enables us to determine the first day of the harvest.

The grapes are first picked out in the vineyards, and then rigorously sorted out twice: first on a vibrating table, and secondly on a classical sorting table, with 6 to 8 workers to select the best grapes.

After a total stalking of the grapes, the berries are delicately lead to the vats, to avoid any crushing. Alcoholic fermentation begins thanks to natural yeasts, after a few days of cold maceration.

It lasts 10 to 21 days, depending on the appellations and vintages, with a strict supervision of temperatures: between 29 and 32 °C.

During this period, some pumping over and punching of the cap allow a sweet extraction, favoring the balance between power, finesse and elegance, between fruits and tannins, and overall respecting each terroir’s personality or “climat”.

After the pressing, wines are put into oak barrels by gravity in our bicentennial cellars.

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